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Why choose the EZ pack?

Priced almost the same as cardboard box.

A lot stronger than a cardboard box.

No assembly required, no more tape and hassle.

Time saver.

No more extra trash.

How much can they hold?

Exterior Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 12″

Interior Dimensions: 25.5 x 15.5 x 11.8″

Liquid Capacity: 18.75 gallons

Volume: 2.50 CU. FT

Stack Capacity: 100 lbs per container / 5 High

Mobile Storage

A shipping container may seem like an odd choice for storage, but container storage units are naturally strong, as they’re used to carry cargo across the world on trains, trucks, and ships. They’re also almost impossible to damage or destroy. These containers are designed to keep valuable goods safe and intact through long and arduous journeys, so imagine how secure your business supplies, household goods, and equipment will be.

Residential Benefits

Convenience. Mobile storage gives you the convenience of being able to pack your personal belongings and retrieve them. Or we can do it for you.

Cost-effective. We have the ability to save time and a lot of it.

Prevents damage. Touching items less is always best.

Versatile. We can place our units many competitors can’t.

High level of security.

Commercial Business Benefits

On-time inventory or storage for seasonal stock and items.

Storage for renovations.

Construction projects.

Use it for hotels and restaurants.

Schools and institutes.

Great for large events.

Ideal for disaster resource.

Overall, more ways to keeps things organized with more space.

How it Works

We deliver a storage container to you. Take your time loading it, or schedule us to load it for you.

Keep your container on your property for as long as you need it. You’ll love the convenience of having your things just outside your door or your business.

When you decide you don’t need your container anymore, give us a call.  We’ll pick up your container at a time that works for you.

Additional add-ons for your mobile storage: boxes, blankets, paper, shrink, tape, totes.

About Our Storage

Our storage containers are built for the North Carolina climate. They’re weather and rodent-proof, so your things will be safe and secure year-round.

We rent portable storage containers that are 8×20′. The contents of a typically furnished 2-3 bedroom home will usually fit into a 20′.

Our containers have rubber gaskets along both sides of the doors, which creates a tight seal. This keeps unwanted critters out.

Storage Safety
Our containers come equipped with 12 vents and are spray foam insulated to promote airflow and help prevent mold or mildew; however, we can’t store items that hold flammable liquids.

Services & Supplies

Combine services and supplies and save! Reach out to get more information.